What I Eat in A Day #2


So it’s been so long since I’ve been here, but I am excited to be back in action for the second installment of what I eat in a day! I have been trying to eat super healthy the past few days in preparation for the Boys of Zummer concert featuring Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa. I’m excited for my concert post that will come next! The concert is on Saturday so get excited!

Anyway back to food: today I ate pretty well and I tried to resist temptations. I recently bought peanut butter, but I am trying not to open it until Thursday when I make a peanut butter sandwich for work. I am also planning on keeping the peanut butter at work so that I don’t eat it by the spoonfuls, which I know I will do once I open it!

Here is what I ate today:


Banana oat pancakes with strawberries

Snack 1:



Mango and strawberry fruit salad and cashews

Snack 2:

8 whole wheat crackers


mms_picture (4)

Chicken taco salad with black beans


1 jello cup

I’d say that this day was successful! I feel lighter and healthier already! Hopefully I can keep it up.




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