College Updates: Junior Year

Hey everybody! So my junior year of college has gone by soooooo incredibly fast.Even though I’m not really done with my junior year, it is rapidly coming to a close in a little over than a month. It’s actually quite terrifying how close I am to graduating (I will be able to graduate in March of 2017). As I continue my journey to apply to physical therapy schools this summer and upcoming fall, I thought I would nice to include some updates regarding my junior year of college.

First of all, I started working as a research assistant for the psychology department at U of O. This spring term has been extremely exciting because I get to work with EEG and ECG equipment on subjects. It has been pretty demanding and time consuming, but overall, it is such a great experience and I am learning a lot about how to interpret brain activity and physiology data.

Also this year, I became an official peer advisor for the department of human physiology at U of O. It has been a really beneficial position in the department, and I have gotten a lot closer to some of the faculty and staff. It’s also fun getting to share my experience with people and offer advice to those who are also pursuing physical therapy as a career.

In terms of academics, Anatomy and Physiology courses have been extremely intScrubseresting! I really enjoyed taking those classes which makes me more optimistic and passionate about pursuing a career in physical therapy. Also, this spring, I got accepted into the department’s Dissection class. To get into Dissection, I needed to submit an application and get a letter of recommendation from a GTF. I was not sure whether I would be accepted into the course, but I am so grateful I did! I got assigned to work on the elbow, forearm, and hand of a body, and although it is stressful at times, I always try to remind myself how incredible this opportunity is and how I should not have anxiety over it.

As the summer approaches, I will try to post more about my application process. For now, here are a list of schools I am planning on applying to:

  1. George Fox University
  2. Pacific University
  3. University of Puget Sound
  4. University of St. Augustine, San Marcos
  5. Western University of Health Sciences
  6. University of the Pacific
  7. Arizona School of Health Sciences
  8. Long Island University
  9. Rocky Mountain University of Health Sciences

Good luck to all that will soon be in the process of applying to PT schools!




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