Living with Autism: My Experience as a Child Support Professional

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Hello! So this summer has been extremely crazy, gratifying, stressful, but all in all very memorable. In my last post I talked about two upcoming interviews I have which I will definitely write about my experiences to both schools, but today I thought I would talk about the summer job I had this summer. I worked as a child support professional through United Cerebral Palsy of Oregon and SW Washington. Honestly, this experience was the most fun, informative, and special job I have ever had. Here’s why:

I worked for a boy that lived 3 minutes from me. I love helping others and this job involved exactly that. I won’t say his name for privacy purposes, but he is eleven and has autism. He is mostly nonverbal, but he is incredibly social. He is lively, energetic, funny, and very loving. We went to three camps together, watched movies, and spent endless hours at parks. I got to know him as a friend and as a really special person.

I learned a lot from this experience. Although the boy I worked for was incredibly special to me, there were times of frustration and aggression, and during those times, I saw the bad that occurs from having a child with autism. Autism is such an interesting developmental disability, and I am really grateful that I have been exposed to it because I understand it more, and I am definitely more caring to those who may have some form of autism or other developmental disability. I think it is so important for “typical” kids to be more informed about developmental disabilities especially those that occur in children in order to provide an inclusive community. I learned that our world needs more people like the boy I worked with to integrate themselves into society, so that others know about developmental disabilities and care for those who have them.

I am so grateful for this summer! I made friends with a special boy and his family. I feel like their home is my second home and I am so grateful for them.




New Changes Coming (Hopefully!)

Summer is going by so fast; it’s scary to think that time is passing by faster as I get older. With summer ending that means I will start my senior year of school soon. I only have 2 terms left (Fall and Winter) so I will be done with my undergraduate degree by the end of March! After that I hope to go to attend a physical therapy program. As you know, I wanted to apply to several schools and so far, I have applied to AT Still University, Loma Linda University, and Midwestern University – Glendale. I have heard back from both Loma Linda and Midwestern University for interviews!!

I have my interview for Midwestern University on September 16th and for Loma Linda University, I have my interview on September 23rd. I am extremely excited and nervous for this opportunity! Getting into physical therapy schools is extremely challenging and I am extremely grateful to be able to make it this far from just applying to three schools. I think I will only apply to George Fox University and University of St. Augustine – San Marcos and not apply to the other schools I was planning on applying to.

If anyone has interview tips for Loma Linda or Midwestern, please let me know! This is such an exciting time in my life, and I hope and pray that what I am doing is enough to get into at least one program.

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What I Eat in a Day: Summer Edition

Hello!! So it’s been awhile, but I was thinking I should post what I ate today because why not? After a few weeks of celebrating my 21st birthday and going on a trip to Seattle, my eating habits have not been up to par. I started to eat a lot healthier today, and I am hoping to keep it up for the rest of summer. Oh and I can’t believe it’s already August. Like summer is flying by… Anyway, here is what I ate today!

Breakfast: Cinnamon sugar toast, strawberries, 1 banana

Snack: Beef jerky

Lunch: Steak Cesar salad

Dinner: Chicken curry with potatoes and carrots and brown rice

So I think today was a pretty productive and healthy eating day! Tomorrow I will try to maintain healthy eating and take it one step at a time. 🙂